What Parents Must Understand

Role of Parents in Career Selection

Life is like mathematics, to work out your life, you need formulas that suit your uniqueness. The same is true of a career. A well planned career is instrumental in a happy and satisfied life. Parents, having gone through this process can help their children from making mistakes in selecting a career. Parents need to be facilitators and not influence their choices. On one hand a parents' experience can help in the career selection process, on the other hand sometimes it might hinder it. Although, parents have gone through this process, however the times have changed and their children have a very different environment to deal with and sometimes their choices don't match with today's reality.

The Changing Role of Parents in Career Selection

The parent of today is more than just an authority figure. They are a friend, philosopher, and guide. With a more dynamic educational environment wherein, the children are taught to be independent and to take decisions on their own, the parent's role diminishes. Involved parents know their children the best and along with vital information about new career paths and career choices they can facilitate the process of career selection for them.


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