Knowing yourself is beginning of All Wisdom. - Albert Einstein

Blooming Fingers is an organisation dedicated to the children and young adults of today.

Through this activity we undertake “DMIT {Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test}“ which reveals various innate intelligences one has. For this we analyse the fingerprints of an individual as these finger ridges grow simultaneously with brain.

These fingerprints are unique and so also the innate strengths of the individual.

This test is used world over for:-

  • Career Counseling
  • Marriage counseling
  • Employee engagement
  • Parent children relationship issues
  • And many more ...

While, we undertake this activity, we also conduct various training programmes on:-

  • Parenting
  • Children counseling
  • Modernized Parenting based on DMIT
  • DMIT Training &
  • Train the trainer for DMIT

Sanjeev Deshpande

Cheif Mentor & DMIT Expert Counselor

We are a team of eminent DMIT experts and counselors. Collectively we so far done 42000 test with counseling.

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